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Long’s Corporation is your partner when you need service or repairs. We are proud to offer emergency service and a 24-hour dedicated emergency line so that you can speak to someone immediately. We feature the following products and services:

Q: When do I need to replace my AC filter?
A: To optimize performance and filtration, replace your filter once a month.

Q: During the winter, I hear a loud noise coming from my heating pump and I can feel cool air coming out from the supply registers. What should I do?
A: This is normal. During the winter, frost can build on the outdoor coil, which will result in the heat pump’s entering a defrosting cycle that can last one to ten minutes. Once the ice has melted, you will feel warm air once more.

Q: There is rusty water coming out of my water heater. Why is this happening?
A: This might be a sign that your water heater tank is deteriorating or the anode rod is disintegrating. Have a plumber check it out immediately so that your water heater does not leak and cause extensive damage.

Q: Can you do anything to make my pipes stop banging after I turn my faucet off?
A: Yes. Long’s Corp can install shock absorbers to help make the vibrations less noticeable and prevent a fitting from blowing due to the constant rattling.

Q: Should I use a liquid drain cleaner when my sink won’t drain?
A: No! A $5 bottle of this caustic substance can cause more problems than it will solve. In addition to being dangerous to both you and the environment, these liquids actually harm your pipes because they are corrosive and burn holes in your drain. Professional plumbers do not use these substances; we’ll clean out the drain instead.

Q: What maintenance can I do to prevent my pipes from freezing?
A: First, keep your pipes warm. You can accomplish this by insulating them, keeping windows and doors properly sealed, keeping your thermostat set to a constant temperature both day and night, and running water through the exposed pipes.

Q: What can I do to keep my garbage disposal operating properly?
A: Keep the water running when you insert material into the disposal and after you shut it off to move the waste out of the pipe; only insert small amounts of waste and ensure it can move freely; operate the garbage disposal whenever you insert waste into it along with running water; freshen up your disposal by grinding small amounts of citrus peels.

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