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Your Residential Plumber in Fairfax, VA

Our distinguished history as your residential plumber in Fairfax, VA has been going strong since 1936. In those years, our team has developed a reputation for excellence and perseverance that can’t be beaten. Women-led and operated, Long’s Corporation can provide you with all of your heating and cooling services as well as your plumbing services. Need a new water line? What about a plumbing inspection? In either case, your best choice for all of your residential plumbing needs is Long’s Corporation. Give us a call at 703-323-1776 today.

Premier Air Conditioning and Heating Services

The long summers and cold winters can take a serious toll on older HVAC systems. As the years pass, it’s important to schedule an annual maintenance inspection for your furnace and cooling system. Once you give us a call at 703-323-1776, we’ll be certain to put you on the schedule immediately. You can always expect professionalism from our experienced plumbing and HVAC technicians. Your indoor comfort matters. Because that is the case, we want to be your number one call when your furnace goes down or your air conditioner starts sputtering.

Sump Pump Repair, Water Heater Installations, And More

One of the most overlooked aspects of having good plumbing is the fact that a leak under the house can cause foundation damage. Foundation damage is often incredibly costly and may not be covered under the parameters of your homeowner’s insurance. The best way to mitigate current and future water damage is by investing in preventative maintenance. When you schedule a plumbing inspection, be sure to mention any areas of concern for your household. We’ll be sure to give you an honest estimate for your plumbing repairs. By giving homeowners great plumbing and HVAC advice, we are a benefit to our community.

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Since 1936, we’ve been providing homeowners with exceptional plumbing and HVAC services. Please be certain to review our services so that you can benefit from our expertise.